Friday, May 25, 2007


Hello everyone,

I would like to invite you to an event on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 at 7 pm for one hour.

I will be holding a free demo/try-out session for all ladies curious about bellydance and upcoming classes beginning September 12th, 2007. You can try bellydance for FREE in a 20 minute class to see if you wish to join us for the upcoming semester.

Belly dance is a unique dance form that encourages women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels to express their feminine side and reveal their inner Goddess. Take time out for you and shimmy your stress away in an empowering atmosphere! Come try-out bellydance for FREE at our August 29th event.

  • Where: 357 Wilmont Street at 7 pm (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  • Parking: Free street parking is available on Wilmont but please note that it is a residential area and we would like to keep our good standing with the neighborhood so I would encourage you to not block laneways, thank you.
  • What you need: A willingness to have fun, an open mind and water.
  • What to wear: Comfortable clothes and breatheable shoes such as athletic wear or dance slippers.
  • The evenings event: I will be doing a short demo followed by a bit of history to share with you some background (I promise not to bore you and keep it fun). Once done, the floor is yours for a 20 minute FREE class. If you wish to join us for the upcoming semester, friends and volunteers will be on hand to register you for the fall semester in one of three classes offered.
  1. Bronze Beginner's Level 1
  2. Beginner's Veil
  3. Bronze Beginner's Level 2

Many register for both Bronze Beginner's Level 1 and Beginner's veils and we are offering reduced rates for this combination. If you have any questions, please contact me and I will be happy to answer any concerns.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Winter Blahs!

Hello everyone,

I hope the winter months are not getting you down and that you are still happily developing your craft. At this time of year, I tend to feel like hybernating which results in me taking more time to develop and practise my own skills. It is often during this time that my creative juices are flowing freely and the process of creation is emphasized. From new class ideas, choreography and move development to costume ideas which I put down on paper for later use. Those creative ideas also come from classes where student's bring a fresh perspective to this unique dance form. They share with me moves that they have developed on their own based on what was taught in class which only enriches me further. I really love that!

Time is a commodity that eludes many of us with our life obligations but for me, this time of year is spent more indoors which lends well to practising. :-)

My dance practises are now personal meditative zen moments that not only recharge my battery but makes me more productive in all other aspects of life. I am happier at work and at home which is why I always say that bellydance is my "happy pill". It envigorates me in the worst of times and positively charges me in the best of times. The exercise is good for the body and soul and the movements make me feel more feminine in a time where beauty is often sacrificed to the Gods of warmth. lol

How do you treat your dance experience during the colder months? Do you enjoy attending class as much? How is your motivation?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Why is bellydancing so enticing to women?

What is it exactly? Is it the benefits? How it makes us feel?

One thing I know for sure is that whomever it touches, it leaves its mark. You either feel a strong connection or are not interested at all.

Since I cannot speak for anyone else but myself I can say that it touched me very deeply. The femininity within the movement feel great and still makes me feel free. It initially re-kindled an inner relationship with my femininity and gave it flight which allowed me to feel more like a women. We wear so many hats in a day; girlfriend, lover, wife, mother, boss, employee, pta mom and so on...but do we often take time out for us. The royal us. We often forget that as women, we need to also nurture ourselves. This is one thing that nurtures me. It inspires me to strive for more, not outside of myself but within. It reminds me to care for me and that I can share this little bit of myself with others. It also reminds me of my deeper spiritual side. Ok, frankly, not everyone feels the same but I suppose it is a reminder of my inner Goddess. That I am part of a bigger piece of a much larger puzzle. And in this simple thing called bellydance, I feel united or linked to every women out there.

Bellydance has it's roots in family. The family of women. It was not till the early 19th century that men were allowed to view the dance and so, women used it as a form of feminine expression. To aid in ritual practises or in childbirth. History of the dance is so thick with varying stories that it is difficult to say for sure where it came from but one thing IS clear, it is very much alive still today because it answers a need. It is a dance form that doesn't judge, doesn't discriminate, doesn't limit anyone. It is gentle to all fitness levels, sizes, shapes and forms and delivers a better appreciation for each women's beauty. We "feel" more beautiful and feel more linked to our sensuality and our uniqueness!

If you have never experienced this dance form, I invite you to take a class, a free demo, go see a show or just rent a video and try it for yourselves. I hope it will touch you as it did me.


Friday, July 28, 2006

An event for August 30 - come one and all Goddesses

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce that Wednesday, August 30th, I will be presenting a Workshop thanks to my friends at Breathless. This is a paid workshop, the fee being $15.00 per person.

This workshop will he held at 318 Lisgar Street on the second floor from 7:30 to 9 PM.

The agenda covers many different aspects of bellydance, from history to health benefits as well as a TRY-OUT portion where you get to shimmy your stuff to some great music. I have listed the agenda below so you can see what will be discussed.

· Showcase
· Defining Belly Dance through history
· Benefits for the mind, body and spirit
· Sensuality and Eroticism in movement *exploring the diversity of femininity and power

· Demo – Let’s shimmy
· Questions and auditing

Following this workshop there will be a registration period for those who wish to sign up for the upcoming fall classes also offered at 318 Lisgar. I look forward to seeing you there to celebrate this sensual art form.

If you have any questions concerning this event, do not hesitate to contact me at;


Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! ~Constanze

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Fall 2006 classes

Hello everyone,

The new fall term is upon us. It is time to pick up our shimmy belts and begin this new journey together.

Beginners' Bronze level 1 classes will begin on September 20 for an 11 week semester.
Classes will run from September 20 to November 29 approximately. This is open to all women of all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. We do not discriminate since femininity comes in all forms and they are all beautiful.

Class location: Breathless, 318 Lisgar Street, (off Bank St. above Venus Envy), on the 2nd floor in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Parking: There is parallel parking along Lisgar and Bank Streets, as well as municipal parking lots half a block both east and west of the location. Lisgar is a one-way street running east to west, so you are unable to turn onto Lisgar from Bank Street.

This class is open to adults 18 years of older only at this time.

Classes will be held; Wednesdays from 7:30pm to 8:45pm
Please let us know if you have any medical conditions that need special attention. Some medical conditions may necessitate specific movement placements to ensure your well-being. If you are pregnant, your doctor should be aware that you are embarking on this exercise program to make sure that you and baby are in the best of health. Do not hesitate to ask me should you wish to be sure.
Please email me if you have questions or wish to know more but I hope to see you there.

Bio - The women behind the Phoenix

Roxane started dancing when she was four years old. Her passion for dance was born of parents who filled the home every day with music from around the world. Her love and appreciation of music was best expressed in motion which launched a true passion and life journey.

In her youth she studied jazz, acrobatic jazz and ballroom. One of her specialization was and still is the creative process with choreographies. To showcase talent of all levels by creating routines that allows the performer to shine like the stars they are.

After moving to Ottawa in 1985, she decided to concentrate on Ballroom and intensified her studies. After receiving both her certifications in Social and International Standards in ballroom, she began to compete seriously with her dance partner of the time. This also enabled her to launch her teaching career. Within two years, they managed to climb a very steep slope to win second place in Canada’s National ProAm Event run by the IDSF (International DanceSport Federation.) Unfortunately, they encountered a major set back which resulted in prematurely ending their dance career. Roxane was badly hurt during a showcase which ended any chances in advancement in ballroom on the world stage. Not satisfied with this, and after a lengthy recovery period, Roxane decided to delve back into dance.

She quenched her thirst by trying other disciplines such as Flamenco, Swing and Argentine tango. This helped to broaden her scope and add spice to her repertoire. Introduced to belly dance by a close friend, she knew after the first class that she had found her new obsession. Her studies included attending regular weekly classes and specialized workshops to build a curriculum that she could share. She is a student of movement and loves to share her passions with others. She is continually updating her skills to pass along to her students. She attends dance workshops, seminars and explores the myriads of videos and books to keep the fires ablaze. Roxane also believes in taking classes herself from time to time and she enjoys participating in classes simply for the joy of it. It refreshes her.

Belly dance is different from anything she has ever tried before. It instills in anyone it touches the joy of movement in acceptance. It encourages woman of all ages and sizes to express their feminine side and reveal their inner goddess. It is a dance form that helps to re-awaken sensuality through gentle and exotic movements. A very powerful experience that she invites you to discover for yourself!